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ASTRE is a group of professional haulage companies organized into a European network. Structured as independent satellite units, its members are based around economic and cultural areas, by country or by region. ASTRE'S HQT (High Quality Transport) solutions are based on proximity and responsiveness. They ensure efficient management of the local, national and international flow of goods in all specialist areas of transport, from wide-loads to refrigerated transport, from bulk to parcels.

Customers enter the ASTRE network either by direct contact with a member or via ASTRE Commercial. This centralized transport engineering structure designs optimum transport solutions with customers.

ASTRE members advocate the flexibility of multimodal transport to provide economic and eco-responsible transport solutions.


ASTRE is developing extensive logistics solutions, from storage to stock management, from order preparation to reverse logistics, from picking to co-packing and co-manufacturing. To this should be added associated services such as integration, cabling, packing, bonded warehousing and industrial packaging.
In the form of ASTRE Commercial, a European logistics engineering solution is already fully operational.

ASTRE Logistique, the HQL (High Quality Logistics) solution, is based on reliability and traceability. It complies with standards of product warehousing and security, at an individual and negotiated tariff.

ASTRE logistics comes within a framework of sustainable development in that it provides the right quantity of goods, at the lowest cost, at the right time and in the right place.