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Ecological urban distribution logo-astrecity


  • ASTRE CITY: Ecological distribution provided by:
    • Astre members exclusively.
    • Clean vehicles: a minimum of EURO V, preferably equipped with the EEV system, using low emission fuels.
    • Equipment on vehicles designed to reduce energy, visual and sound pollution.
    • Aids to eco-citizen driving (panoramic rear view mirrors, reversing cameras, GPS, ...) increasing the safety of users of the public roads.
    • Drivers trained in eco-responsible driving in towns.
  • In order to contribute to:
    • a reduction in traffic in towns via consolidation of distribution.
    • safety of people in the towns.
    • a reduction in sound and air pollution.



ASTRE CITY transports parcels to pallets, based on the Palet System network and ASTRA members' hubs.

ASTRE CITY offers two products:

  • ASTRE CITY Palet, dedicated to pallet distribution.
  • ASTRE CITY Solutions, dedicated to all products as long as they are packed and non-hazardous.

Faithful to the ASTRE CITY astre ethic: a culture of partnership.

  • a partnership of regional authorities considering environmentally friendly urban distribution.
  • a partnership of companies together designing the best sustainable and ecological solutions for distributing their products.