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Patrice and Alain GAMBA 

A family business ...
... with a strong strategic positioning

The history of our company traces its root to the other side of the Alps, to the north of Italy, close to Bergamo. A region that two Italian families, Gamba and Rota, left for France, to work in the forests as wood cutters. And because the cut wood has to be taken to the sawmills, these families of entrepreneurs started wood transport businesses in 1947. Over the years, the business was extended to cover all sectors of the transport and  logistics industry, and the new generations joined the companies. But what hasn't changed are the values of a family business, deeply attached to its roots, and the quality of a job "well done". And it was because of these shared values that in 1997 a merger occurred between the two companies (Gamba Père & fils and Rota Frères), still in Vendeuvre-sur-Barse.

Today it's the third generation that is responsible for managing the business towards new developments and extending its horizons.
It can rely on experienced teams that are loyal and extremely attached to the spirit of a family business.
Now Gamba & Rota is involved in all the transport and logistics trades, with the latest equipment and resources.

And in order to continue "leading the way" for its customers, our company is moving ahead by investing in innovative equipment, like our new ultra-secure logistics site, almost unique in France.

But all this would not be possible without the confidence our customers still show in us ...

Patrice and Alain Gamba