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Gamba et Rota :
the heavyweight of secure logistics

extract from Mercure 10 - February 2011 - No. 186 - Laurent Locurcio

As from this summer, a new ultra-secure storage and despatch site will be opened by Gamba-Rota, in Vendeuvre-sur-Barse The Aube based haulage company, already a master of the roads with its impressive heavy goods fleet, continues its development in the area of secure logistics, in particular for the wine growing industry.

Even if the Gamba-Rota company in its current form was only created in 1997, its roots go back much further. A century ago, the first members of the family arrived from Italy to work as woodcutters in the region's forests. "We then fairly logically moved into wood transport", points out Alain Gamba, a director of the family business and a representative of the third generation. With his brother Patrice, operations director, they are at the head of the Vendeuvre enterprise. Over the course of time, the company has extended its range of services and now carries all sorts of goods throughout France. "We also have an international transport business with Italy", continues Alain Gamba. After the merger between Gamba Père et Fils and Rota Frères in 1997, the haulage company moved to the new Vendeuvre-sur-Barse premises in 2001. Since then, the company has never stopped growing. Today its has 130 staff and over a hundred heavy goods vehicles, and an annual turnover in the region of 15 million euros. "The road is the company's backbone". Using a high-performance traceability system and on-board computer equipment, goods are monitored in real time from the Vendeuvre headquarters.
In order to meet its customers' expectations, logistics activities covering an area of over 13,000 m2 have also been developed in Vendeuvre-sur-Barse. "And we are part of the Log’in 3 network, also including two well-known Aube companies, STTI and TCP, which means that we can offer a wide range of services linked to transport and logistics thanks to the complementary nature of our activities", adds the company's manager. It was in 2007 that Gamba and Rota acquired a subsidiary, the Beade company located in Agen (47), specializing in distribution in the south-west region and logistics with 60 staff. Finally, it is a member of the Astre network made up of almost 310 haulage companies in Europe.

30 jobs planned

There is no question of the company resting on its laurels. Patrice and Alain Gamba have just launched a major project, still within the Varennes industrial zone. A few weeks ago a vast site was opened up with a view to building a rather special storage and despatch site. Access control using biometrics, sophisticated anti-intrusion systems, permanent video surveillance and security staff will make this an ultra-secure site, few of which currently exist in France. Certainly a very high level of security, but something that has become essential for sensitive products, with champagne in the forefront. "Because we are located just a few kilometres from the Aube vineyards, we are first of all aiming at the champagne producers who will be able to store their bottles there permanently and for whom we will be able to provide packaging and despatch services", says Alain Gamba. There will be two buildings on the site. A first of 4,000 m2, with controlled temperature and managed hygrometry, will be capable of storing 8,000 pallets. A second of 2,400 m2, equipped with thirty loading/unloading doors, will specialize in cross-docking and order preparation. The investment involved comes to several million euros and the wine growing industry has already shown great interest. A project also supported by the Aube and Region General Council, and which will lead to the creation of thirty jobs.

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